Lead like a Legend Booklet
Lead like a Legend Booklet
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Six Leadership Lessons from Bhagwan Ram

A Primer on leadership based on the Ramayana by Ram Lingam

While millennia have passed, lessons from Bharat’s epic Rāmayana stay timeless. Bhagavan Rām's legacy isn't just about vanquishing asuras and rakshasas; it's also about building bridges and illuminating the path for others to follow.  The wisdom we learn from Rāmayana transcends cultures and contexts, illuminating the path for everyone to lead a holistic, peaceful and purpose driven life. By weaving many powerful leadership lessons into the fabric of the Rāmayana, the itihisa continues to inspire and guide people in all walks of life.

Leadership is not just about titles and positions; it's about embodying the values of integrity, vision, empathy, resilience, collaboration, and service. Let Bhagavan Rām’s journey be our compass as we navigate our own path to professional success and beyond.

As a leadership coach, I have gained deep insights on leadership from the Rāmayana and in this booklet I have attempted to glean six leadership lessons or mantras that could offer guidance for anyone seeking to lead with wisdom and grace.The Rāmayana is packed with life lessons, far beyond these six leadership mantras for success. These six mantras are just a glimpse, and not in any specific order. 

Rām Lingam - Hindu Chaplain, Leadership Coach | Auckland, New Zealand



Download the 'Lead like a Legend' booklet for FREE

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