Mahotsav on 21st Jan

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Prana Pratishta Mahotsav on 21st Jan, 2024

Gallery of pictures and videos of the community event 'Ayodhya in Eden Park' on 21st Jan 2024

Overflowing gratitude to devotees, participants, volunteers, media, donors and supporters for making the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Prana Pratishta Mahotsav in New Zealand a resounding success. Your devotion, talent, and tireless efforts turned it into a cultural extravaganza, celebrating unity and cultural richness. Thank you all for contributing to this momentous event. #ShriRamMahotsavNZ #UnityInDiversity #CulturalHarmony #AyodhyaInEdenPark #ShriRamReturns

mahotsav activities

Mahayagya - Holy Fire - Community Participation

Witness the sacred flames ablaze as our community comes together in a powerful Mahayagya, fostering unity and spiritual connection.

Essay and Presentation Competition

Our children and youth shall display their creative work of presentation and essay writing.

Speeches by Leaders

Listen to inspiring speeches by respected leaders, offering wisdom and guidance as we collectively celebrate this momentous occasion.

Prize Giving of Children and Youth Competitions

Celebrate the achievements of our young talents as they receive well-deserved recognition and prizes for their exceptional performances.

Songs, Dances, Ram-Leela

Embark on a cultural journey filled with enchanting melodies, captivating dances, and the timeless tale of Ram-Leela, bringing vibrancy and joy to our celebration.

Colouring Competition

Our kids shall showcase their love for Prabhu Shri Ram through their colourful art work.

Presentations by Winners

Be inspired by the insightful presentations delivered by the talented winners of various competitions, showcasing their dedication and creativity.

History of Ram Janmabhoomi

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Ram Janmabhoomi, a fascinating exploration of the roots that bind us to this divine heritage

Mahaprasadam - Supper as Divine Offering

Savor the divine essence of Mahaprasadam, a sacred supper that symbolises our collective offering and gratitude for this auspicious event.

Gallery of pictures and videos of the community event 'Ayodhya in Eden Park' on 21st Jan 2024